RIOT GIRLS, a New Sci-Fi Actioner From XX`s Jovanka Vuckovic

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RIOT GIRLS, a New Sci-Fi Actioner From XX`s Jovanka Vuckovic

Well now, this is exciting news. Variety reported yesterday that Jovanka Vuckovic (women horror anthology XX) will direct a sci-fi action flick called Riot Girls. The filmed was penned by Katherine Collins who wrote an updated version of Lost in Space for a Netflix series to be directed by Neil Marshall. The film will be produced by Lauren Grant (tv`s Killjoys).

The story, scripted by Katherine Collins, is set in a world where adults have mysteriously died and resources are scarce with a teenage girl called to action when her brother is captured by rivals and set to be executed. Joined by the girl who has always loved her and the boy who wants to love her, the threesome tear through the crumbling suburbs on a violent road marked by betrayal, sexual discovery, and brutal justice.
“’Riot Girls’ isn’t a simple post apocalypse tale, a violent survivalist horror story, a queer romance, or a kids adventure film — it’s all of those things blended together beautifully,” Vuckovic said.
Riot Girls” is currently casting. “With such an original and evocative story paired with Jovanka’s incredible talent and clear vision for ‘Riot Girls,’ I am excited to have her bring these characters and world to life,” said Lauren Grant of Clique Pictures.
I love this. There are so many things going on here to be excited about. First, there are the not-just-a-PA-flick plot points. Second, filmed by a woman, written by a woman and produced by a woman = an awesome hat trick for women filmmakers. Third, Vukovic, from what I have seen of her work has predominantly worked in horror so I am really looking forward to seeing what she does with the sci-fi genre. And last and not least I really, really like Vuckovic`s short film work and cannot wait to see what she brings to the feature film format. 
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