Imagination Fuels INVASION DAY

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Imagination Fuels INVASION DAY

Invasion Day is an impressive new sci-fi short from a troupe of French directors Vincent De Bellis, Milos Eratostene, Terence Guilpin, Léo Lefebvre, Raphael Leylavergne, Arthur Loiseau, Mohamed Oumoumad and Dimitri Trouvé. It was made as their graduation project for ISART Digital School.

In the short, a huge spaceship emerges over the city of Paris, leaving a wake of destruction in its path as it sucks everything up. And then... gummy bears?

Similar to the short film Panic Attack that launched the career of Don't Breathe (review) director Fede Alvarez, Invasion Day is an impressive FX show piece without much story behind it. At least in this case, the creators have found a way to end on a note that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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