Trailer For Japanese Sci-Fi Action Short MUGA SHOZOKU Looks Impressive

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Trailer For Japanese Sci-Fi Action Short MUGA SHOZOKU Looks Impressive

Fresh from its festival tour, Rashad Haughton's short film Muga Shozoku is getting ready to make its online debut, and we've got a very impressive looking trailer to share.

Haughton may be familiar to ScreenAnarchy readers as the writer/director of 2012's Love Like Aliens, a futuristic love story that took the form of a music video with music composed by Haughton. I first saw his work at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas in 2012 and remember being very impressed. With Muga Shozoku, Haughton has moved from a fully CG experience to a mix of live action and CG to create an interesting looking film that feels similar to Japanese steampunk/future shock features like Goemon or Casshern.

Muga Shozoku features a trio of leads, most of whom are fairly new to the business. However, among the stars is character actor Tarô Suwa, who may be remembered from his performances in films like Battle Royale, Why Don't You Play in Hell?, and Cold Fish

The trailer itself is just a little taste, but the camera work and FX are definitely impressive. I cannot wait to see the whole thing, which should be online shortly after the film finishes its festival run with the Sitges America Tour. Here's the synopsis to check out before jumping into the trailer:

In the wilderness of Iga, Japan, a young robotics student named, SHIN, ignores the warnings of his sensei, TAKU, and takes it upon himself to unleash the power of an ancient book called MUGA. This mysterious power is also desired by, RYU, of the ONISHI GROUP -- a military tech company that will destroy anything in its way to possess it.

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