Win BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA And SHEBA, BABY On Blu-ray From Arrow Video And ScreenAnarchy

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Win BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA And SHEBA, BABY On Blu-ray From Arrow Video And ScreenAnarchy

A couple of weeks ago we had a badass giveaway for a pair of Sho Kosugi gems from Arrow Video. This week we are continuing the trend with another opportunity to win some badass flicks from the baddest woman in town, Pam Grier.

Arrow Video have kindly given us a prize pack of Sheba, Baby and Black Mama, White Mama to give away to ScreenAnarchy readers. I reviewed these discs upon their release and they are definitely ones to own. Here a taste of what I had to say back then:

Sheba, Baby

Arrow Video’s Blu-ray of Sheba, Baby is excellent, in following along with their releases for both Foxy Brown and Coffy. The image quality is surprisingly good, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore given the quality level of these discs has been consistently high. The uncompressed mono audio is also quite effective and provides a good level of dialogue when compared to effects and music. Overall, it is an excellent A/V presentation.

When it came to extras, the previous Pam Grier releases also set a high mark, and Sheba, Baby continues that trend with a pair of excellent interviews and a very informative commentary... Typically I only listen to commentaries when I have to, but this one was a joy. Round out the features with some quality writing on the film and director Girdler from Patty Breen and you’ve got a package well worth the money.

Black Mama, White Mama

The visual presentation of Black Mama, White Mama may not be revelatory, but it's certainly satisfactory. The film is pretty grainy, and the image only intermittently shows exceptional fine detail, but that is more to do with the original materials than any fault of MGM's original HD master. I'm completely satisfied that the film has never looked better than it does now on Blu-ray, including most likely on the big screen.

Never a company to skimp on bonus features, Arrow Video again brings the thunder with this release. We start off with a scholarly and amusing commentary from Filipino film expert Andrew Leavold (The Search for Weng Weng), which is chock full of information surrounding the film culture of the time in the Philippines... Overall another winning package from Arrow Video.

To enter, send me an e-mail at josh [at] ScreenAnarchy [dot] net with the subject line, "Pam Grier Giveaway" and you name and U.S. address in the body. I'll draw a winner next Wednesday, June 8th. It's easy! 

Good luck!

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