THREE: Trailer For Johnnie To's Latest Captures A Master In Fine Form

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THREE: Trailer For Johnnie To's Latest Captures A Master In Fine Form

When it comes to shooting stuff up, there are very few in the world who are better than Johnnie To. While To has always paid his bills with populist romantic comedies and the like - the films he is best known for at home - around the world the Hong Kong auteur is very much regarded as one of the leading crime-action maestros on the planet. And with a filmography that includes The Mission, Election, Exiled and fistfuls of others it's really no wonder that legions of fans around the globe get all excited every time To stops trying to make people feel good about themselves and breaks out the ballistics instead. And it's ballistics a'plenty in the upcoming Three.

The paths of a criminal with a bullet in his head, a policeman about to turn rogue, and a surgeon from China get crossed during a showdown in a hospital.

Louis Koo, Wallace Chung and Vicki Zhao star in this one and with a trailer fresh on the scene you can revel in what appears to be pure, vintage To below. The man certainly does not appear to be slowing down even a little bit.

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