Frontières@Fantasia 2016: Second Wave Of Market Titles Announced - Another Great Mix Of Filmmakers And Projects

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Frontières@Fantasia 2016: Second Wave Of Market Titles Announced - Another Great Mix Of Filmmakers And Projects
We at ScreenAnarchy are all looking at our calendars and are counting down the days to the Fantasia International Film Festival this July. I am especially looking forward to the Frontières International Co-Production Market. 
The second wave of market titles was announced today. There is a great mix of seasoned veterans and young filmmakers looking to make their mark in fantastic film with feature film debuts. 
Filmmakers with feature length films already on their docket include My Bloody Valentine’s George Mihalka, Attack of the Lederhosenzombies’ Dominik Hartl, American Burger’s Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander and Southbound’s Roxanne Benjamin, which is an anthology, I know, but I am still counting it. The Demolisher’s Gabriel Carrer has a new script he would like to share with the community, which you read about below. UK director Alexandre Birrell is working on his next feature after his 2010 debut Braincell
Some are looking to expand previous short films into feature length films. Filmmakers Aaron Kurmey and Ben Steiner are presenting pitches based on previous short films by the same names. And Portal To Hell!!!’s Vivieno Caldinelli is also looking to expand his vision of his short film which starred the late Roddy Piper. 
Then there are a smack of folks looking to make their feature film debuts. Jenn Wexler (Producer/Writer - ABCs of Death 2 and Halloween Bash), Alexandre Jousse (short films Cinémaniac and Compulsions), Lee Ventura (?) and Javi Araguz (Producer/Writer/Director - The Star - in pre-production)
Frontières connects North America with Europe in an environment specifically focused on genre film production and financing. Frontières marks its return to Fantasia with an expanded project lineup that includes a new partnership with Raven Banner Entertainment.
Following the announcement of a first wave of projects, Frontières is pleased to announce an additional 14 projects from a strong cross-section of experienced and emerging directors and producers from across North America and Europe, including the feature-length directorial debuts of Roxanne Benjamin (SOUTHBOUND) and producer Jenn Wexler (DARLING), as well as the next project from director-writer Gabriel Carrer (THE DEMOLISHER), and director George Mihalka (MY BLOODY VALENTINE).
40 MANIACS  (Canada/France)
Director/Writer: Alexandre Jousse
Producers: Luc Châtelain, Stéphanie Pages (Echo Media), Thierry Marro (Memento Productions)
Director: Dominik Hartl
Writer: Raven Burnett
Producers: Esther Friedrich, Alex Weimer (MovieBrats Pictures GmbH)
Director: George Mihalka 
Writer:  David Jones
Producers: James Margellos, Bill Marks, George Mihalka (Sollergram Pictures, Vortex Words+Pictures, QVM Inc) 
Director: Aaron Kurmey 
Writers: Ryan Hatt & Kevin Johnson 
Producer: Sean Buckley (Buck Productions)
Executive Producers: J. Joly & Brian Wideen (Coup Company) 
JUDAS PRIEST (Working Title) (Canada)
Director/Writer: Lee Ventura
Producer: Kris Elsley (Spiral Entertainment Ltd.) 
Director: Jenn Wexler
Writers: Jenn Wexler & Giaco Furino
Producers:  Larry Fessenden, Peter Phok (Glass Eye Pix)
SAVANT (Spain)
Director: Javi Araguz
Writers: Javi Araguz & Isabel Hierro
Producer: Jesus Sans (Freemind Arts Entertainment)
Directors: Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander
Writers: Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander
Producers: Bonita Drake & David Ball (Cwmpas Cymru Creative)
Director/Wrter: Ben Steiner
Producer: Dan Dixon (FUME FILMS)
Director/Writer: Alexandre Birrell 
Producer: Katie Crook (Blue Iris Films) 
Director: Roxanne Benjamin
Writer: Alan Trezza
Producer: Christian Armogida (Nightshade Entertainment)
Raven Banner Showcase
For the first time Frontières will have a label showcase. The Market will be co-presenting three projects in development from our friends at Canadian production, sales and distribution house Raven Banner Entertainment. The guys from Portal To Hell!!! are still looking to bring their full vision of their short film to the feature length format. Filmmaker Jerry Pyle is looking to make his feature film debut and Gabriel Carrer, director of last year’s The Demolisher, has a new project Ventablvck (pronounced Ventablack - Google it). 
"We at Raven Banner love how we have grown along with Frontières over the years. We're thrilled to share progress on projects from previous Frontières markets Raven Banner has gotten involved with, introduce new projects to be pitched, and provide a sneak peek some exciting up and coming titles soon to hit the market. We couldn't think of a better showcase to continue to be a part of.” - James Fler, Managing Partner
PORTAL TO HELL!!! (Canada)
Director: Vivieno Caldinelli 
Writers: Matt Watts and Vivieno Caldinelli 
Producers: Andrew Rosen and Ryan Reaney (Aircraft Pictures)
SANCTUM (Canada)
Director/Writer: Jerry Pyle
Producer: Hugues Barbier, Raven Banner Entertainment
Director/Writer: Gabriel Carrer
Producers: Gabriel Carrer, Christian Burgess, Scott McIntyre (Latefox Pictures Inc. & Smak Motion Studios Inc.)
So there is a great mix of seasoned veterans and newcomers looking to make their mark in fantastic film. 
(Full Disclosure - I am illustrating storyboards for Gabriel’s Ventablvck pitch presentation and handout materials for the Market. I have also read a couple drafts of the screenplay. I suppose it is like having a horse in the race so in a manner of fairness to the other projects I will not be singling out the project during any of my reporting from the Market that weekend.) 
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