Exclusive: Check Out These Motion Posters For Tim Sutton's Stunning DARK NIGHT

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Exclusive: Check Out These Motion Posters For Tim Sutton's Stunning DARK NIGHT

In anticipation of its New York premiere as BAMCinemaFest's closing night selection, the filmmakers behind Dark Night were kind enough to share with us today a trio of nifty motion posters.

Following a day in the lives of a cornicopia of Floridians before a fateful night at the movies inspired by the Aurora Mass Shooting, Tim Sutton's third feature premiered back in January as a part of Sundance's NEXT program. Easily my favorite of the enitre fest, Dark Night is a astounding film on a multitude of levels. As stated in my review, it is "an elegiac work of expertly expressed cinematic artistry that looks at America as it is today, in the midst of a rising tide of isolationism and acute loneliness. [It is] a brave and human work... a meaningful document of America at a seemingly seismic crossroads."

The film's relevance rang loud and clear at the start of the year, and now in the wake of Orlando -- not to mention all the other acts of mass gun violence this coutry has experienced week in and week out -- Sutton's film feels of even more straight up importance. But don't just take the film as something of a statement on gun control; a message film. It's not really that. It is far too nuanced and complex to just be that.

If you are in New York than your chance to see the film comes June 25. You can purcahse tickets right here. Below you can view the three motion posters, which draw quick, brilliant impressionistic bursts of the film in all its meditative and manic currents.










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