Welcome To ScreenAnarchy!

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Welcome To ScreenAnarchy!

There's nothing more constant than change and a big one has just arrived here! Twelve years after the launch of ScreenAnarchy - an eternity in internet time - we are undergoing the most significant change we've ever had and we'd like you to take the newest incarnation of the site for a spin.

More than a redesign, we're embracing a whole new set of features and giving our community more tools and power to express themselves than they've ever had before and we think the changes are so significant that they deserve not just a redesign but a whole new name. And so we introduce you to ScreenAnarchy, our new film community - one which will continue with the independent and international flavor of ScreenAnarchy while giving you the power to directly shape the conversation.

The days of 'top down' sharing of information are over. With ScreenAnarchy if you find something you love, you simply share it yourself with the entire community. No more emailing in a link and hoping some anonymous power that be will look kindly on what you sent and post it for you, you just do it yourself. Sure, the existing editorial team are a talkative lot and so we'll be continuing to do what we've been doing for years but we'll be doing so with you now instead of for you. And we think that's kind of a big deal. You can find all the details on how this system works here.

But it's not just the ability to post that has changed, you can change the entire presentation of the site. We've added the ability to vote posts up and down and sort the front page by most loved and hated posts, to see just the material from the editorial team - plus the editors' picks of the best stuff from the community content - or everything that has come in from everyone. The way you experience the site has never been more fluid.

We've also got a pretty badass mobile version now, with ScreenAnarchy designed to be fully responsive - and fully featured - no matter how you access it. If you can do it on the desktop version of the site, you can do it everywhere. And it's pretty damn pretty while doing so. Our mobile integration has been weak for a while now, so we're pretty excited about this.

But enough of me talking about it, go check it out for yourself! We are freshly launched with some tweaks and features still to roll out and so far it's only been used by people who were quite close to the design process so you may find some things that aren't quite working right or aren't quite as clear and simple as we think they are, and we want that feedback! If you have any troubles at all, please post a note in the comments section here so we can address any problems! Thanks! And enjoy!

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