Community Guidelines

  1. You must be a registered user to post material to ScreenAnarchy. Please either log in or register.
  2. How It Works!
    1. While the only fields required for you to post an article to the site are the headline, an accompanying image and the main text, the more that you include in other areas the more fun and engaging your post will be for readers and the easier it will be for people to find and engage with your content. Please fill in as many parts as you can.
    2. All posts must adhere to the ScreenAnarchy community standards. We want to keep things as simple as possible for you to post and engage and so we’re keeping our standards simple. Don’t be an asshole. No porn (or nudity in still images as that violates our terms of service with certain advertisers, though nudity in video embeds is fine). Respect copyright. (If you are the copyright holder of material on ScreenAnarchy and it has been posted without your permission, please see information about filing Digital Millennium Copyright Act notifications.)
    3. While we welcome festivals and other organizations to post calls for entry, award winners and other pieces of hard news we consider posts from publicists and PR firms in service of specific actors etc to be spam. The line between hard news and PR shill is a tricky one to define and we will be exercising our own judgement on where to draw that line. Spamming with PR posts falls under the "asshole" rule above and those who do so will have their posts rejected.
    4. Copyright and ownership of all posts on ScreenAnarchy remain the property – and responsibility of – the individual poster. This means, among other things, that any legal liability also remains with you. Bear in mind that if you violate copyright you retain all responsibility and liability for your actions.
    5. The first five posts from all new ScreenAnarchy accounts will be held for moderation to ensure they meet the community standards and are not spam. Once you’ve demonstrated that you are not a robot, a spammer or an asshole by having five submissions published your posts will no longer be held for moderation and will, instead, go straight into the publishing queue.
    6. When your submission is published you will automatically receive an email to let you know that your work is now live and available for admiration along with the URL and links to share your work on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and other social platforms. Take it out into the world!