NYC Happenings: THE FINAL GIRLS Kill At Midnight!

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NYC Happenings: THE FINAL GIRLS Kill At Midnight!
Todd Strauss-Schulson's The Final Girls was a big hit outta SXSW 2015, where it quickly garnered praise as both a glowing love letter to and hardcore deconstruction of 80s slashers. The flick kept building momentum along the festival circuit throughout the year, and as is usual these days in our culture of volume, had a quick theatrical release before shuffling off to VOD. But the thing is The Final Girls by its very gleeful and gory nature, by the absolute horror legacy it holds, is a film that is best experienced in a movie theatre with an audience that is just as eager to laugh as they are to scream.

While Midnight Movie culture generally commences around retrospectives of older filmic fare, The Final Girls is perhaps, for all the reasons stated above, the perfect picture then to be the upstart on the scene.

New York: I am glad to share then that you'll get your chance to catch the flick in just that setting this coming weekend. Strass-Schulson has teamed up with the fine folks at Landmark Sunshine to bring the picture back to the cinema for some Meta Midnight Madness. The director will be hosting a Q&A after the April 8th screening, while co-star Alia Shawkat will also be on hand for April 9th. To purchase tickets to either (or both?) of the shows click right here. In the meantime, check out in the gallery below some rather nifty street art done up for the Midnight screenings... then let the bloodnath commence!
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