Farting Corpse Movie SWISS ARMY MAN Gets Poster, Trailer

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Debuting at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Swiss Army Man quickly became known as "the farting corpse movie." That reputation is earned, according to our own Jason Gorber. In his review, he stated in part:

"I described the film as the Citizen Kane of fart joke movies, and I stand by that claim (that would make Blazing Saddles the Birth of a Nation of flatulence flicks if you're playing along at home). I would hope that there are a bunch of you reading this that will go into the film cold knowing nothing other than the fact that, yes, there's a lot of farting, and yes, it's kind of amazing how they use bodily gas in an almost symphonic way, with loads of colours and textures, crescendos and diminuendos, all erupting into a symphony of sublime silliness."

In that spirit, please note the poster and trailer below. Swiss Army Man, starring Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, will open in select U.S. theaters on June 17 via A24 Films.

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cjohnstonApril 4, 2016 9:26 PM

This looks crazy and out-there enough that this just might be REALLY Good.

...or might be a mess..............

Ben UmsteadApril 4, 2016 11:10 PM

I wholeheartedly agree with Jason on this one. And it's rare that we agree on film.

cjohnstonApril 4, 2016 11:22 PM

i mean this with 100% Sincerity when i say, ....Thank You for that audible there.

......now, I'm REALLY on the fence about this one.............

SandboxApril 5, 2016 11:51 AM

How is this not a rehash of 'Weekend at Bernie's' (1989) ?

Dave BaxterApril 5, 2016 12:41 PM

It's clearly Weekend at Bernie's MEETS something else, but it's far from a "rehash". Pretty much nothing in that trailer was in Weekend at Bernie's, neither the one-on-one dynamic of the main cast nor the animation/characterization of the corpse itself. So unless merely having a corpse as a main character throughout the entire movie is all it takes to be a rehash of another movie that did the same, then this plainly isn't.

BOApril 6, 2016 10:49 PM