Check Out Exclusive Images For Australian Noir THE BURNING KISS And Crowdfund It

Contributing Writer; Sydney, Australia (@HugoOzman)
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The Burning Kiss is an exciting new Australian noir that stylistically draws inspiration from Pop Art, the French New Wave and Southern Gothic. Our regular readers will remember seeing its teaser, poster and stills here exclusively over the past couple of years.

This independent film went into production back in 2012 but due to the scope of the project, its completion has been delayed by various set-backs. “Independent filmmaking can be an incredibly cumbersome process as normal film production choices such as reshoots, pickup shots and visual effects can literally add a year or so onto the post-production schedule,” says director Robbie Studsor.
The filmmakers are now raising funds to help complete the film’s last remaining visual effects. “As a result of the ambitious aesthetic of The Burning Kiss at the independent level, we have endured a longer post-production schedule than anticipated. Although we have succeeded in meeting almost every challenge independent filmmaking can offer, we have also reached the point whereby we require extra support to complete some key visual effects costs and finish the film for market,” says Studsor. “The Burning Kiss exists within a specific, audacious sun-bleached world that must be calibrated with the correct visual design to communicate the emotional themes of the film.”
You can check out the film’s teaser trailer and some exclusive images below and visit its crowdfunding page to show your support for the project.
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