More Bad Taste In The Full CHINYUKI Trailer

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More Bad Taste In The Full CHINYUKI Trailer

It was back in December that we first brought word of Yamaguchi Yudai's upcoming adaptation of cult favorite manga and anime Chinyuki: Taro To Yukaina Nakama Tachi noting that this one looks positively mad, even by Yamaguchi's totally gonzo standards.

A satiric spoof of the enormously popular Chinese Journey To The West folk tale, this one revolves around a man who is transformed into some sort of demented baby-monkey-thing after being cursed by a monk angered by his habit of pooping on the graves of his slain enemies. And it is every bit as crazy as that description would lead you to believe and / or hope.

Well, given that it's been a little bit since we posted that teaser I thought I should probably check back in on this one, whereupon I discoverd that a) it's already released in Japan and b) there is now a lengthier trailer available than the first teaser we posted back in December. Madness (and naked buttocks) lurks below.

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