Elijah Wood Is Not Side-Kicking In BBC America's DIRK GENTLY Series

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Elijah Wood Is Not Side-Kicking In BBC America's DIRK GENTLY Series
Nope. Elijah Wood is definitely not side-kicking in Max Landis' Dirk Gently series coming up from BBC America. Nope. Not even the report from Deadline last night can convince us of that. 
According to this so-called article Wood will play Dirk Gently's reluctant assistant Todd, and is definitely not his side-kick. 
Todd does not consider himself a sidekick. He is just flat-out better than Dirk at a lot of things. He always attempts to solve matters with the fewest steps possible; despite being a compassionate, sweet, smarter-than-average man with biting wit, Todd often finds himself at the intersection of morally gray crossroads. Thus, his bad habits of lying and stealing have dire consequences that he can’t put off forever, even though he tries. As Todd describes himself to Dirk: “I am not your Watson, a**hole. I am not available for side-kicking on something I am not involved with. I am my own messed up person with my own messed up problems.”
I like this casting. I am leary of adapting Douglas Adams, as any fan of his writing would, because any adaption will never be good enough for us (insert your favorite author's name here). But Wood has always gravitated towards weird and odd projects and an adaptation of Adams' work should certainly have its share of those moments. 
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