Trailer: Sex Finds A Way In The Future Dystopia of EQUALS

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Trailer: Sex Finds A Way In The Future Dystopia of EQUALS
A future-set love story in a world where emotions have been eradicated, Nicolas Hoult and Kristen Stewart participate in the long tradition of this idea in the history of pop literature, and cinema, from the big dumb action of The Island and Equilibrium, to George Lucas' cooler ideological THX-1138, the flower-powered Logan's Run, ll the way back to George Orwell's seminal novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is good happenstance that Ridley Scott, who famously re-purposed the iconography of Orwell for Apple Inc. as a TV advertisement to launch their Macintosh computer, acts as the producer on Equals, a handsome looking indie from director Drake Doremus.

I dug the film quite a bit when I caught it at TIFF last year. Maybe it is the sound track, but have a look at the 'Sophia Coppola-esque' trailer below.
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