GREEN ROOM: Watch The UK Teaser For Saulnier's Fabulous Latest Effort Now

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GREEN ROOM: Watch The UK Teaser For Saulnier's Fabulous Latest Effort Now
Is it hyperbole to refer to director Jeremy Saulnier as the current darling of the American indie scene? After making his well received but relatively minor debut with horror comedy Murder Party the cinematographer turned director positively exploded internationally with his sophomore effort Blue Ruin. Launched with a world premiere in Cannes followed by an extensive - and raved about - global festival tour Blue Ruin was a 70s style, character driven revenge gone wrong picture that marked Saulnier as simply a fabulous storyteller and left audiences hungry for more.

And he's given them more with Green Room. Saulnier's third effort has followed a similar path, following a Cannes launch with a similarly high profile and equally lauded international festival run for its gritty story of a punk rock band trapped in the back room of a skinhead club after witnessing something that they really, really should not have seen. Patrick Stewart gives great villain and with the public releases for the film finally nearing the first teaser has now arrived. It's a UK effort - odd that the UK seem to be pressing an American indie harder and sooner than the US release - and it's a fantastic one. Check it below.
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