Angry Gingerbread Men In Space! Death Is Sweet In GINGERBREED!

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Angry Gingerbread Men In Space! Death Is Sweet In GINGERBREED!
The last laugh belongs to the tasty treats of Gingerbreed, a long time passion project from the Emmy Award winning VFX artists at HiFi 3D who first began toying with the concept as students over a decade ago. Synopsis? You need a synopsis? It's got angry alien gingerbread men going on a killing rampage through a space station. How's that for a synopsis?

With the film now shot and edited the Gingerbreed team have launched a trailer for the film along with an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to actually hire people to finish the VFX work and post production on a reasonable schedule rather than stretching it out over years by doing it all themselves in between the paying jobs that keep the lights on and buy their groceries.

You want a taste of this very odd treat? Check out the trailer and their Kickstarter pitch below.
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