ROAD TO LA PAZ: Watch The Trailer For The Striking Latin Road Movie

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ROAD TO LA PAZ: Watch The Trailer For The Striking Latin Road Movie
Francisco Varone has been on a successful world tour with his feature film Road To La Paz (Camino A La Paz) with stops in Busan and Chicago before bringing it back home to his native Argentina for Mar Del Plata and - fortunate for us - not only is there a trailer available but it also exists in an English subtitled version.

Halfway between neglect and the belief in fate's paradoxes, Sebastián makes his way in the new stage of his adult life holding on to his few convictions. That is why he only has to see the grill in the patio of the first house he visits with his wife in order to decide to rent it, and after receiving countless wrong-number phone calls asking for an extinct car service, he decides to make a living as a driver onboard the other love of his life, the Peugeot 505 he inherited from his old man. And it's perhaps due to that same curiousness in front of what life puts in his path that he accepts the proposal from Jalil, a regular customer, who asks him to drive him from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia. A road movie, a buddy movie and a coming-of-age tale all at once, Road to La Paz travels roads already covered by Argentine cinema, but is propelled by the freshness of a duo of protagonists in perfect sync (De la Serna and Suárez) and the skill of a director at finding the right tone of a tale that is determined not to quit halfway.
As I'm currently on one of the juries in Mar Del Plata I need to keep my opinions to myself until the awards have been announced - and, for the record, I have no idea what's going to win as deliberations have not yet happened and there are plentiful worthy options - but do keep an eye out for a review soon and check out the trailer below.

ROAD TO LA PAZ - Trailer ENG from Doha Film Institute on Vimeo.

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