Los Cabos 2015 Dispatch: DEMOLITION, Rock 'n' Roll And The Red Carpet

Managing Editor; Dallas, Texas (@peteramartin)

The Los Cabos International Film Festival opened last night with a red-carpet gala presentation of Jean-Marc Vallee's Demolition. The event was a living representation of the conflicts dramatized in the film.

Jared Leto, resplendent in red hair and black leather jacket, gave an eloquent tribute to Vallee, who directed the actor to an Academy Award-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club. After embracing Leto, Vallee was gracious in his response to the actor's moving words. He then introduced Demolition by noting that, while he is usually accustomed to making movies about antiheroes, he decided to make one about underdogs who are also heroes. He described Demolition as the "most rock 'n' roll film I've ever made."

(Read more about the opening night of the festival in the gallery below.)

Jean-Marc Vallee and Jared Leto at the opening night presentation of Demolition, Los Cabos International Film Festival. Photo courtesy of IMCINE.

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