A Legendary Battle Comes To The Big Screen With 28 PANFILOV

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A Legendary Battle Comes To The Big Screen With 28 PANFILOV
An iconic battle of World War II comes to the big screen with upcoming Russian effort 28 Panfilov, a new feature backed by game developer Gaijin and financed largely through a major crowd funding effort.

The filmmakers are basing their work here on a report published in the Red Star newspaper lionizing the 4th company of the 316th Infantry Division who - on November 16th 1941, under the command of General Panfilov destroyed eighteen Nazi tanks en route to assault Moscow. According to the report this feat was accomplished with just twenty eight men, all of whom perished in the battle and while that report has very much come under question in the years since there's no denying it makes for suitably cinematic version of events.

And the film itself looks to be doing an admirable job of putting the (perhaps fictionally enhanced) version of events on the screen, the new trailer showcasing very high production values in the military action film. Check it out below.
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