Watch Adorably Evil Kids In Horror Short PARTY 85

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Watch Adorably Evil Kids In Horror Short PARTY 85
One of the highlights of being a programmer is bringing back filmmakers whose work you love, and love to see develop. Last year, for the FrightFest shorts, we screened Dan Auty's Aphelion Point, a trippy throwback to 70s sci fi, all created by Auty alone. This year, he returned to the festival with another gem, Party 85, which is now available for your viewing pleasure.

it's the 1980s, and poor Leo is trying to sleep, while his parents are having a rather loud party downstairs. So Leo decides to work a little black magic and quiet things down, with his baby sister Rose unwittingly helping, and the party guests oblivious, dancing away in true 80s fashion(s).

With some awesome retro 80s anthems and a pair of adorable yet secretly evil children (played by Auty's own kids), it's both quiet different from Auty's first short in both tone and style, and yet displays his keen eye for atmosphere and just the right amount of nostalgic glee. I'm hoping that someone with lots of money will watch this and throw some of it at Auty so he can make more films.
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