Nick Cheung Turns Exorcist Negotiator In KEEPER OF DARKNESS Trailer

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Nick Cheung Turns Exorcist Negotiator In KEEPER OF DARKNESS Trailer
Nick Cheung has made the most of his recent ascendency to the Hong Kong A list by stepping into the director's chair, first with Hungry Ghost Ritual and now Keeper of Darkness. Again Cheung also takes the lead, this time out playing an exorcism specialist who employs negotiation techniques to take down his spectral foes.

Keeper Of Darkness will have its World Premiere on 22 November as the closing film of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, before then hitting theatres the following week. Personally I was not a fan of Hungry Ghost Ritual, but it is nevertheless encouraging to see Cheung flying the flag for Hong Kong horror.

Nick Cheung stars as street-smart exorcist Wong who has a unique method of dealing with vengeful spirits: He negotiates with them and persuades them to let go of their grudges. After recordings of his exorcisms go viral, Wong attracts the attentions of a murderous spirit who's targeting mediums, as well as a troublesome reporter who takes great interest in Wong and his close relationship with a female spirit. Cheung, who cites YouTube videos as an inspiration for the film, blends horror, detective and gangster genre elements into a distinct supernatural suspense thriller.
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