L'Etrange 2015 Ready To Kick Off With New Poster, Trailers, And Guests

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L'Etrange 2015 Ready To Kick Off With New Poster, Trailers, And Guests
France will be electrified starting tomorrow, which is when the 21st edition of L'Etrange Festival kicks off in Paris. It runs through September 13 at Forum des images. 

The festival has released a new poster (©Dom Garcia), which you can glimpse above, and also announced a new batch of guests, including actors Sara-Jane Noon and Lachlan Nieboer (for the International Premiere of Brand New-U by Simon Pummel) and actors Jérémie Renier, Finnegan Oldfield and Marc Robert (for the preview of The Wakhan Front by Clément Cogitore).

Two new videos have also debuted. The first is for Cat and Mouse, a film by Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs, that looks suitably intriguing. It enjoys its world premiere on Sunday, September 6. 

The other is a promotional trailer for two screenings of 20 Years of L'Etrange Short Films, which has some arresting images and surprising stars.

Much more information is available at the official festival site

CAT_and_MOUSE_ETRANGE FESTIVAL from Moskito Film on Vimeo.

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