Peruvian Horror: Second Teaser For PERVERSOS And First Trailer For CEMENTERIO GENERAL 2

This week saw the release of two trailers for horror movies, probably the most popular
genre in Peruvian films.

First up, director Diego Mezarina shares more material from his upcoming extreme horror gorefest Perversos. In this short teaser, the focus isn't on the nubile young teens who become victims, but rather on the insane Uriarte family, who are obviously taking a page from the Sawyer clan (or the Hewitts if you weren't around in the 70s) in dealing with clueless trespassers. Here, they're explaining the rules of their sadistic game, which won't see many winners.

Judging from this clip, the movie is also damn gruesome. Watch it below.

Trailer for Perversos.

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