The Newest ATTACK ON TITAN Trailer Has More Titans And Subtitles

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The Newest ATTACK ON TITAN Trailer Has More Titans And Subtitles
Funimation is handling the US distribution of Higuchi Shinji's first live action Attack on Titan film, and they have released a new, longer trailer, with English subtitles. We get to see a lot more titans, and a bit more information regarding the story.

The film takes place centuries in the future, in a world overrun by flesh-eating giants. What little is left of humanity is holed up peacefully behind a giant wall, but when a new giant appears who is strong enough to break that wall, humans need to adapt quickly to warfare.

Fans of the anime (and indeed the manga) will see plenty to recognize here. New bits include an explanation of how a Titan can be taken down, complete with a very gory example.

Higuchi Shinji is known for directing both anime and live-action projects, and was responsible for the NausicaƤ-inspired Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo short we all know and love. Fingers crossed, but if you manage to take its ludicrousness serious, Shinji's film adaptation starts to look better and better the more we get to see of it...

Attack on Titan will be released stateside from the 1st of August onward. Its (mostly parallel-shot) sequel Attack on Titan: End of the World is planned to be released mid-September.

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