Miike Colonizes Mars In TERRA FORMARS Teaser

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Miike Colonizes Mars In TERRA FORMARS Teaser
Miike is back! (Fancy that.) With a teaser for next year's manga adaptation Terra Formars, which appears to be one of his most ambitious projects to date. With shooting scheduled for Iceland next month (a first for a Japanese film) and a big sci-fi premise, Miike may be gearing up for something pretty special, particularly given the similarities between this and his favorite film, Starship Troopers (1997).

The film takes place in 2599 when humans return to Mars, hundreds of years after leaving moss and cockroaches there in a bid to terra form the planet's surface to make it inhabitable. When they land, they find a colony of super-strong humanoid cockroaches. Terra Formars stars Miike stalwarts Ito Hideaki (Lesson of the Evil, 2012), Yamada Takayuki (Thirteen Assassins, 2010) and Oguri Shin (Crows Zero, 2007), and Rurouni Kenshin star Takei Emi.

Shooting began in May but frankly there's almost nothing to see in this teaser but it's such an interesting project that it's worth tracking all the same. Some are worried about the racial overtones of the source material (see the above image) and whether or not these will survive in Miike's version. The trailer does hint at a different design for the Mars dwellers but we'll get a clearer indication when the project reveals a more substantial look at the film in the near future.
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