Trapero's EL CLAN Trailer Shows A Master At His Peak

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Trapero's EL CLAN Trailer Shows A Master At His Peak
A long time favorite here at ScreenAnarchy, Pablo Trapero returns with his real life crime film El Clan and everything you need to know about the man - and the film - are encapsulated in the first shot of the just released trailer. A single, minute plus long shot following an elderly man through his home, a home bustling with family and happiness before revealing something far darker, it's a virtuoso bit of work, one that validates every bit of effusive praise that has been heaped on Trapero over the years. The man's a master, one who speaks a cinematic language as forcefully and clearly as anyone else out there working today.

As for the story itself, El Clan tells the tale of Argentina's Puccio family who, through the 1980s ran a highly lucrative kidnapping business on the sly behind a carefully cultivated veneer of high society. A wealthy and prominent family - one of whom was a well loved member of the national rugby team - the Puccio's kidnapped and held for ransom a string of victims from within their own neighborhood, killing their victims rather than returning them once the ransom was paid.

For a taste of this dark slice of Argentine history check out the trailer below.
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