Trailer: Tang Wei And Liao Fan Star In Chinese ONLY YOU Remake

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Trailer: Tang Wei And Liao Fan Star In Chinese ONLY YOU Remake
Many fans of Asian Cinema are quick to complain and point the finger when their favourite Asian discoveries are snapped up and remade in Hollywood, sometimes at the expense of a proper release for the original film. Well the current climate is seeing China get in on this trend themselves, but rather than targeting horror, action or other genre films, their sights are firmly set on lucrative romantic comedies - perfect star vehicles guaranteed to pull in the punters. 

We have already seen the likes of What Women Want remade in the mainland, with Andy Lau and Gong Li replacing Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. A Chinese remake of the Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson comedy Bride Wars is currently in the works, as is a remake of the Julia Roberts/Cameron Diaz vehicle My Best Friend's Wedding.

Few may remember Norman Jewison's 1994 flick Only You, starring an out-of-favour Robert Downey Jr opposite a hot-off-her-Oscar-success Marisa Tomei. Everyone except producer Feng Xiaogang and director Zhang Hao it seems, whose Chinese remake is set to open day-and-date with its China release in North America, Australia and New Zealand, thanks to China Lion on 24 July. Here's what you need to know:

Loosely following the original film's storyline, Tang Wei (Lust, Caution, Blackhat) plays a bride-to-be shaken when the words of a fortune teller from her youth prove true.  Her fiancĂ©'s high school classmate (Liao Fan - Silver Bear winner for Black Coal, Thin Ice) shares the same name as her supposed fated lover and she takes it upon herself to travel to Italy to track him down.  

Check out the trailer below:

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