FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: First Teaser For AMC's Next Undead Effort

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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: First Teaser For AMC's Next Undead Effort
I want my ZTV.

AMC's adaption of the comic book The Walking Dead is so gosh darn popular, a second show taking place in Robert Kirkman's zombie universe is coming. Premiering this August, Fear The Walking Dead chronicles the survival of a group residing in Los Angeles. A First Look teaser dropped today with actor Frank Dillane as a character named Nick running like mad from what we must assume is... a zombie!

The show also stars RubĂ©n Blades, Mercedes Mason and Cliff Curtis. 
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Paul MJune 19, 2015 4:22 PM

I see the 'Fear' part.

BosJune 20, 2015 10:48 AM

I see shit cause AMC don't allow me to see this trailer in Europe.

Paul MJune 20, 2015 2:10 PM

You're not missing much. Dude running away from something - end.

Erick DimaggioJune 20, 2015 9:36 PM

I'll take 4 different spin offs so there's one for every damn season. Can't get enough zombies!

MaeRBrownJune 21, 2015 1:46 AM

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Marcel SamsonJune 22, 2015 1:06 AM

Enough with the zombies..... Isn't the market oversaturated by now?!