Crowdfund This: WASTELANDER PANDA Co-Creator's Slow Burn Crime Thriller CREW CUT

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Crowdfund This: WASTELANDER PANDA Co-Creator's Slow Burn Crime Thriller CREW CUT
Though you may not recognize Marcus McKenzie's name you almost certainly are familiar with his work if you're a regular reader of ScreenAnarchy. McKenzie, you see, is the co-creator of Wastelander Panda - the Australian post-apocalyptic web series that became a true online phenomenon thanks to its gorgeous - and remarkably straight faced - execution of it's very odd premise. Yes, they made a Zatoichi and Lone Wolf And Cub inspired tale of a anthropomorphic, highly intelligent panda roaming a blasted post-apocalyptic landscape. And, yes, they took it seriously.

How do you follow that up? Well, if you're McKenzie you don't wait for anybody else to give you permission or funding. You just dig deep into your own pockets, recruit a talented group of friends - including many of the Wastelander crew - and you go out to make your debut feature yourself, on your own terms. Which brings us to Crew Cut.

Cal, a low-level crook trying to go straight, takes the boss's son, and his replacement, on one last job to collect four cases of cash. When what should be a routine job goes awry, Cal finds himself alone and left for dead in the middle of the Australian outback.
McKenzie has already shot and edited his film and now is looking for help to finish up post production, with a new Kickstarter campaign looking to raise fifteen grand. Check out the teaser below and support the film here!

Crew Cut Kickstarter Teaser from CREW CUT on Vimeo.

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