Watch The Complete WASTELANDER PANDA: EXILE For Free Now!

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Watch The Complete WASTELANDER PANDA: EXILE For Free Now!
Fresh from its premiere at Fantastic Fest the complete run of Victoria Cocks' post-apocalyptic web series Wastelander Panda: Exile is now available online for free viewing worldwide! Here's how I pitched the series in my Fantastic Fest program notes:

The Apocalypse has come and gone; its survivors forming small communities for protection. Banished to the vast Wasteland, Isaac - a giant humanoid panda - sets out to find a young girl and reinstate his family into the Tribe of Legion.

The idea is preposterous on the surface - a web series fusing elements of Mad Max, Lone Wolf And Cub and Zatoichi revolving around a walking, talking, sword fighting panda bear. It's the sort of thing that simply should not work, not at all, or at least not without descending into wild camp. And yet it does work. And it works in no small part because talented writer-director Victoria Cocks plays things absolutely, one hundred percent straight. There is nothing camp here, not at all. And, yes, Cocks will make you buy in to the emotional plight of her furry protagonist.
All six episodes of this latest Wastelander incarnation - this series is meant to lead to a feature or television series (or both) if response is strong enough - are now available online and I've got the first embedded below. Find all the rest on the official website.

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