ONE DROP: Tricia Lee's Indie Horror Wraps, Releases New Teaser, And It's Creators Speak

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ONE DROP: Tricia Lee's Indie Horror Wraps, Releases New Teaser, And It's Creators Speak
It was just three weeks ago that I had the chance to visit the set of Tricia Lee's One Drop, the third directorial effort from a rising name on Canada's indie scene. "It's about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility," Lee explains, "Everyone is dead and she is somehow nine months pregnant."

It's a good hook, one of those things that immediately catches the attention, and a quick look around set makes it clear that this is no straightforward character drama. No, the dismembered guy makes it pretty clear that's not the case. And, true to form for Lee, there's a strong horror edge to it. "Cory Brown, my long time writer, he wanted to create a creature that was more vicious than what he was seeing out there. It started as a vampire movie but as we developed it we turned it into a new kind of creature."

As an independent director / producer playing in the horror space Lee is something of an anomaly within a Canadian industry that tends to direct available supports towards more 'high brow' efforts - "Horror is a little different than what the Canadian system normally funds so I've had to find my own way of doing it," she acknowledges - to say nothing of being a woman playing in what is very much a male dominated sandbox, and its precisely that female perspective that has drawn local icon Julian Richings - a familiar face popping up in projects ranging from big budget blockbuster Man Of Steel, to a recurring part as Death on Supernatural, to recent Sundance smash The Witch.

Says Richings, "I like that there's a woman at the helm telling a story about a woman who suddenly finds herself in the most female of predicaments. She's pregnant, and unwillingly pregnant. It's the complete opposite of a happily ever after love story. It's, 'Oh my god, what is going on here? Why am I procreating? And what am I procreating? Do I want it?' It has a bigger societal feel to it and it's a good out and out horror film."

But, really, there's no need to just take Richings' word for it. With production freshly wrapped Lee has just released the first teaser for the film to help drive the still ongoing crowdfunding campaign started to help raise the last bits of money needed to complete the picture. Check the teaser out below and support the campaign here.
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