Udine Far East Film Festival Announces 2015 Lineup

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Udine Far East Film Festival Announces 2015 Lineup
The Udine Far East Film Festival, one of Europe's biggest showcases for contemporary Asian cinema and also one of ScreenAnarchy's favorite international festivals, has officially unveiled its lineup during a press conference which took place earlier today.

Covering a wide variety of genres and topics, the always impressive programme features a number of heavy hitters from the entire region. From Pang Ho-cheung to Yamashita Nobuhiro, by the way of Yoo Ha and a sneaky encore from Herman Yau, there's certainly plenty to look forward at the 17th Udine Far East Film Festival.

This year's festival, which runs from April 23 to May 2, will be inaugurated by the legendary Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. As always, we'll be on the ground covering the best of what we see.


Competition Section 

CHINA (8) 
20, Once Again!, Leste CHEN, time­-lapse drama, China 2015, International Festival Premiere
Breakup Buddies, NING Hao, anarchic-road movie, China 2014, European Premiere
Brotherhood of Blades, LU Yang, wuxiathriller, China 2014, Italian Premiere 
The Continent, HAN Han, road movie, China 2014, European Premiere 
My Old Classmate, Frant GWO, nostalgic romance, China 2014, European Premiere 
The Old Cinderella, Wubai, modern romance, China 2014, International Premiere 
Uncle Victory, ZHANG Meng, redemption drama, China 2014, Italian Premiere 
Women Who Flirt, PANG Ho-cheung, vibrant romantic comedy, China 2014, European Premiere 

Dragon Blade, Daniel LEE, ancient Roman action in China, Hong Kong/China, International Festival Premiere - OPENING MOVIE 
Helios, Sunny LUK & Longman LEUNG, spy-thriller, Hong Kong/China 2015, International Premiere 
Kung Fu Jungle, Teddy CHEN, martial arts homage, Hong Kong/China 2014, Italian Premiere
The Taking of Tiger Mountain, TSUI Hark, great action-adventure, China/Hong Kong 2014, Italian Premiere - CLOSING MOVIE 

Gangster Pay Day, LEE Po-cheung, triad drama, Hong Kong 2014, European Premiere 
Port of Call, Philip YUNG, contemporary noir, Hong Kong 2015, International Premiere 
Sara, Herman YAU, contemporary social drama, Hong Kong 2015, European Premiere 

Café. Waiting. Love, CHIANG Jin-lin, hipster-yuppie comedy, Taiwan 2014, European Premiere
Meeting Dr. Sun, YEE Chih-yen, school heist-comedy, Taiwan 2014, European Premiere 
Second Chance, KUNG Wen-yen, billiard drama, Taiwan 2014, European Premiere 

JAPAN (12) 
0,5 mm, ANDO Momoko, Japanese mind encyclopedia, Japan 2014, European Premiere 
100 Yen Love, TAKE Masaharu, quirk-misfit-drama, Japan 2014, International Premiere 
The Curtain Rises, MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki, youth drama, Japan 2015, European Premiere Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday, OKITA Shuichi, lost-in-the-woodscomedy, Japan 2014, European Premiere 
Forget Me Not, HORIE Kei, fantasy drama, Japan 2015, International Premiere 
Kabukicho Love Hotel, HIROKI Ryuichi, sayonara sex romance, Japan 2014, Italian Premiere 
La La La at Rock Bottom, YAMASHITA Nobuhiro, memory-youth-drama, Japan 2015, Italian Premiere 
Make Room, MORIKAWA Kei, AV set comedy, Japan 2015, International Premiere 
Parasyte Part. 1, YAMAZAKI Takashi, alien invasion drama, Japan 2014, International Festival Premiere 
Parasyte Part. 2, YAMAZAKI Takashi, alien invasion drama II, Japan 2015, International Premiere 
Unsung Hero, TAKE Masaharu, stuntman lifestyle drama, Japan 2014, International Premiere
The End of the World and the Cat's Disappearance, TAKEUCHI Michihiro, crazy apocalyptic comedy, Japan 2015, International Premiere 

Cart, BOO Ji-young, women-against-big-business drama, South Korea 2014, Italian Premiere
Confession, LEE Do-yun, lost friendship thriller, South Korea 2014, European Premiere
Gangnam Blues, YOO Ha, goodfellas drama, South Korea 2015, International Festival Premiere
My Brilliant Life, E J-yong, lost youth drama, South Korea 2014, European Premiere 
My Love, My Bride, LIM Charn-sang, young marriage incrisis, South Korea 2014, International Premiere 
My Ordinary Love Story, LEE Kwon, romance thriller, South Korea 2014, International Festival Premiere 
Ode To My Father, J.K. YOUN, postwar generational epic, South Korea 2014, Italian Premiere
TAZZA: The Hidden Card, KANG Hyoung-chul, gambling epic, South Korea 2014, European Premiere 
The Royal Tailor, LEE Won-suk, 18th-century fashion drama, South Korea 2014, International Festival Premiere 
The Wicked, YOO Young-seon, office psycho-thriller, South Korea 2014, International Premiere

The Last Reel, Kulikar SOTHO, lost-in-Cambodia, Cambodia 2014, European Premiere

Rubbers, HAN Yew Kwang, condom-comedy, Singapore2014, International Premiere 

Hollow, TRẦN Hàm, ghost-haunting horror,Vietnam 2014, European Premiere

The Executioner, Tom WALLER, death penalty drama, Thailand 2014, Italian Premiere 
How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), Josh KIM, gay romance, Indonesia/USA/Thai, 2015, Italian Premiere 
The Swimmers, Sophon SAKDAPHISIT, swimming pool psycho horror, Thailand 2014, Italian Premiere 

The Gifted, Chris MARTINEZ, ugly-ducking-comedy, The Philippines 2014, International Premiere 
Where I Am King, Carlos SIGUION-REYNA, slum comedy, The Philippines 2014, European Premiere 

Siti, Eddie CAHYONO, neo-realistic drama, Indonesia 2014, Italian Premiere 

Garuda Power: The Spirit Within, Bastian MEIRESONNE, Indonesia/France 2014, Italian Premiere 
I Am Here, FAN Lixin, China 2014, European Premiere 
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, SUNADA Mami, Japan 2014, Italian Premiere 
Southeast Asian Cinema - When the Rooster Crows, Lorenzo CINIERI LOMBROSO, Singapore/Italy 2014, European Premiere 

Duel to The Death, Tony CHING, Hong Kong 1983 
Once Upon a Time in China 2, TSUI Hark, Hong Kong 1992 
Righting Wrongs, Corey YUEN, Hong Kong 1986 
Spooky Encounters, Sammo HUNG, Hong Kong 1980 
The Way of the Dragon, Bruce LEE, Hong Kong 1972 
The Young Master, Jackie CHAN, Hong Kong 1980 

Stage Sisters, XIE Jin, drama, China 1964 - restored in 2014 
The Tragedy of Bushido, MORIKAWA Hidetaro, drama, Japan 1960 - restored in 2014, European Premiere 

Being Rain: Representation and Will, CHAN Tze-woon, Hong Kong 2014, European Premiere
iPhone Thieves, Louis WONG, Hong Kong 2014, European Premiere 
Marryland, Anastasia TSANG Hin, Hong Kong 2014, European Premiere 
Neighbors, CAI Jiahao, Hong Kong 2014, European Premiere 

Alléluia, Fabrice DU WELZ, thriller, Belgium/France 2014 
The Duke of Burgundy, Peter STRICKLAND, drama, UK 2015 
Hyena, Gerard JOHNSON, crime drama, UK 2015 
Magical Girl, Carlos VERMUT, thriller, Spain 2014 
The Tribe, Miroslav SLABOSHPITSKY, crime drama, Ukraine/Netherlands 2014 

13 INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE = First screening outside the country of origin 
6 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PREMIERE = First festival screening in the world 
25 EUROPEAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Europe 
14 ITALIAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Italy
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