New TERMINATOR GENISYS Induces A Different Kind Of Dread

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New TERMINATOR GENISYS Induces A Different Kind Of Dread
As much as I try to be a positive person, especially about movies that have not yet been released, everything I've seen about Terminator Genisys has induced a sense of dread that it will be truly terrible. 

Now, maybe I am completely wrong. I hope that I am. Because the first two movies in the series were absolutely terrific action pictures. The new one, however, looks like it is intent on repeating all the old beats without adding anything new, other than plot "surprises" that the marketing campaign is intent on revealing in advance. 

Witness the new trailer, which provides a better look at Emilia Clarke (as Sarah Connor) and Jason Clarke (as future John Connor). Both are very good actors, and presumably they read the entire script before signing on, so perhaps this will play out far better in its entirety than in its advance trailer. I can only dream that that is so, at this point.
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