THE VOID: Take A Look At Steve Kostanksi's Creature SFX Work

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Manborg and W Is For Wish duo - among the founding members of Canadian cult film collective Astron 6 - Steve Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie are now half way through their crowd funding campaign to get an early start on the laborious and time consuming practical SFX work required to bring the dark vision of their new feature The Void to life and we've got a first look at what they're cooking up with a behind the scenes peek at the effects work Kostanski is already preparing for the film.

"With this project we are pooling over ten years of experience to conjure up a terrifying film that will combine the aesthetic attitude of modern horror cinema as it emerged in the 1970s with the splatter and sophisticated practical special effects that ruled the creature features of the 1980s and early 90s. But make no mistake, unlike MANBORG and FATHER'S DAY, this time we aren't joking around. We are committed to introducing audiences to a unique horror-mythology." - Steven Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie

If you're one of those convinced that CGI effects lack the sort of hands on artistry and urgency of practical work, then this is the film for you. Take a look at the in-progress masks Kostanski is creating below along with the proof of concept trailer for the film.

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