THE LEVIATHAN: Simon Kinberg And Neill Blomkamp Join As Producers

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THE LEVIATHAN: Simon Kinberg And Neill Blomkamp Join As Producers
Things are ramping up for Ruairi Robinson's potentially awesome sci-fi pic, The Leviathan. It has only been a short while since the director dropped his proof of concept like an atomic bomb last week, clocking in over 1 million views already. And some considerable sci-fi firepower has hopped on board to get a full feature realized. 

Mankind has colonized many worlds in a time when travel faster than the speed of light has been made possible by the harvesting of exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those that take part in the hunt for the matter are mostly involuntary labor.

Simon Kinberg has sci-fi chops growing out of his ears! He is a producer of many X-Men films, Blomkamp's Elysium and Chappie, Ridley Scott's The Martian and the new Fantastic Four. Deadline broke the news this morning and in their report stated that Kinberg has a first-look deal with Fox so the studio may decide they want in as well. Kinberg will produce.

Neill Blomkamp is no stranger to the sci-fi community either. His last two efforts Elysium and Chappie have been met with less enthusiasm than his breakout hit District 9. Everyone is approaching news of his new Alien film with cautious optimism. Still though, Blomkamp knows sci-fi. Blomkamp will executive produce. 

So things are picking up speed for a feature version of The Leviathan. We wait with baited breath for more news. 

The Leviathan -- Teaser from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

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