BIG GAME: Things Still Blow Up Good In U.S. Trailer

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BIG GAME: Things Still Blow Up Good In U.S. Trailer
Hands up, all of you who cannot wait for the U.S. theatrical, digital HD and On Demand release of Jalmari Helander's action flick Big Game? Okay, okay. Put your hands down so I can count the rest of you at the back of the room. 

Now everyone sit down and pay attention because Helander is going to give everyone a lesson on what excellent action cinema is supposed to look like. 

Ever since it debuted at TIFF last Fall we have been wanting and waiting for any North American release of the Finnish/American action flick. Well, we know that the Yankees will get Big Game on June 26th. And we have another trailer full of action and explosions which will hopefully tide you over for the next couple months. 

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