AMERICAN SERIAL KILLER IN MANILA Teaser Will Have You Gushing For More

AMERICAN SERIAL KILLER IN MANILA Teaser Will Have You Gushing For More
The title alone will have you stop whatever you're doing. The Philippines, for all its reputation for criminality and mayhem, has never been a haven for a particular sort of criminal, the serial killer. This specific fact seems to be the core of Mikhail Red's next feature, which as its title seems to imply, has a serial killer from the United States wreaking havoc in the archipelago's largest city.

Mikhail, the son of Raymond Red who is a leading voice in the country's alternative filmmaking scene, started by directing short films which garnered various awards in local and international film festivals. His first feature film, Rekorder (2013), is about a movie pirate who suddenly finds himself as the center of the police's attention when he inadvertently records the video of a violent crime. The film went on to win various awards from Barcelona and Vancouver, and has been screened in numerous other international film festivals.

American Serial Killer in Manila has been selected in this year's edition of the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum, and will hopefully finish production for us to witness what kind of madness Red has in store for all of us.
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