Wahlberg. MacFarlane. Semen. It's The TED 2 Trailer.

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Wahlberg. MacFarlane. Semen. It's The TED 2 Trailer.
Let's be honest: You already know everything you need to know to know if you're part of the audience for Seth MacFarlane's Ted 2. The first Ted was something of a surprise hit, performing at a level WAY above what anyone initially expected. but still Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's sense of humor is very much a divider amongst crowds with his work leaving very few people the option of taking the middle ground in the court of opinion. Me? I thought the first one was pretty damn funny. So all this trailer for Ted 2 is really going to do is demonstrate whether or not they've screwed things up with the second go around for the people who enjoyed the first ... it's certainly not setting out to make inroads with a new audience.

Thus, lots of crude teddy bear, lots of Mark Wahlberg, a suitably ridiculous courtroom setting, and a great big semen joke. Yup. That sounds about right. Check out the trailer below.
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