"There Are No Chicks With Dicks" In The New Red Band TED 2 Trailer

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"There Are No Chicks With Dicks" In The New Red Band TED 2 Trailer
Say what you like about Seth MacFarlane, Ted was funny, and made a huge amount of money all over the world. Like US$550 million. That's Fast & Furious big. For a comedy, about Marky Mark and a CGI bear with a potty mouth. And there's your winning formula.

The Family Guy creator proved himself fallible when A Million Ways To Die In The West pretty much tanked right after Ted's impressive win (despite an actually pretty great performance from Charlize Theron), but it failed enough to drive MacFarlane back to the well perhaps earlier than he would have otherwise.

What I'm getting at is Ted 2 is on the way. It's got Morgan Freeman, Amanda Seyfried and New England Patriots quaterback Tom Brady in it, to name but a few familiar faces, as well as Wahlberg and MacFarlane again providing the voice work for fuzzy ole Ted. This time out, Ted and his cashier girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) want to tie the knot and have a baby, which means proving Ted is an actual person, rather than a piece of property, first.

Behold, the film's new red band trailer, in all its pot-smoking, hand-jobbing, porn-and-Law & Order-watching glory. I suggest maybe using headphones if you're at work or on public transport. Enjoy!
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