Disney May Be Looking To Chris Pratt For INDIANA JONES Revival

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Disney May Be Looking To Chris Pratt For INDIANA JONES Revival
While I fear we may be reaching a tipping point where we have too much Chris Pratt - with great popularity comes great number of role offers - there is no denying that something like this would be awesome and should be categorized under 'Fuck' and 'Yeah', if we had those categories. 

Be mindful that this, according to the report over at Deadline, is in the really, really early stages. But having bought the rights for the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount, Disney is looking for someone to cast in the titular role. And Chris Pratt may just be their man. 

With exception of Temple of Doom (Just a wee bit darker than the others) the franchise's focus on adventure and fun is something that Pratt has clearly proven he can handle with Guardians of the Galaxy. He can lead a film. He is funny. He is hunkalicious (so I am told).

What do you think? If not Chris Pratt then who else had a handle on the physical and comedic chops needed to fill the shoes of everyone's favorite archaeologist? 
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