CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR: Daniel Brühl Cast As Villain Baron Zemo

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR: Daniel Brühl Cast As Villain Baron Zemo
Well. This turned out to be a good day if you are a fan of Marvel villains. Earlier today it was announced that David Tennant has been cast as Zebediah Killgrave in Netflix's Jessica Jones. At the same time the internet was all abuzz about this casting call sheet which claims that Daniel Brühl (Rush and Inglorious Basterds) is part of the cast of Captain America: Civil War as villain Baron Zemo. 

Now, I will not attempt to feign expertise in the area of all things Marvel. Which is why I have chosen the words of Rod Bricken over at i09 to give those of us not in the know the rundown of this character. 

When Marvel resurrected Captain America in the '60, Zemo began as kind-of a knock-off Red Skull -- an evil Nazi who hated America and everything Cap stood for, and was furthered enraged by the fact that he'd accidentally superglued a hood onto his face (don't ask). After he died trying to do something evil, and he was succeeded by his son, a.k.a. Baron Zemo II, who became a major antagonist to the Sta-Spangled Avenger -- and the other Avengers, too. He led more than a few of the Masters of Evil supervillain groups, and very nearly managed to destroy the team, even at a time when it included Cap, Hercules, and Monica Rambeau, the Captain Marvel at the time. (Actually, although vanquished, Zemo hurt the Avengers so bad in the arc titled "Under Siege" that Captain America literally cried when it was over.)

Brühl is a tremendous acting talent and hopefully he does not bite it in the third Cap film and can bring this so-called Masters of Evil supergroup in some time to tangle with the Avengers. That could be cool. 
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