Best Of 2014: Ryland's Top 10 US TV Series Of The Year

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Not to knock the big screen but 2014 was one hell of a year for the ol' boob tube. With the continuing maturation of streaming networks, the blurring of lines between mini-series and seasonal dramas, and an uptick in quality amongst the pay cable comedies, any potential list of the best TV series AND movies of the year might be looking especially small screen heavy this year. The inevitable talent creep towards TV means much of the talent both in front and behind the camera has previously made their name in film. Might it be fair to group the movie world with that of TV for these sorts of awards? Perhaps, but to spare the cries of foul from ScreenAnarchy cineastes, I've decided to keep it simple and call this a list of the Best TV series of 2014.

A quick disclaimer: While ScreenAnarchy is a distinctly international site, I live in America and thus the vast majority of the TV I watch is American. There is surely a host of great TV being produced the world round (as evidenced by the number of shows being remade to varying levels of success in the States). Those who have sought out non-American series have been rewarded greatly. As to this point, I have not. I'd love your suggestions on what to watch, but for this list, you'll find it has all aired (so to speak) through American channels. Now, on to the list.

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