American Film Market Pre-Sale Round-up

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Another year at The American Film Market has come and gone, setting the stage for a healthy batch of films to be released in the upcoming months. The majority of films circulating the market are completed titles, looking for a home in studios, to be distributed in some form or another. Theatrical releases are the ideal, but one imagines the majority of titles, if they're lucky enough to be purchased in the first place, will land on VOD.

The more promising titles have premises and attached talent so enticing they succeed in selling their visions well before the film even enters production. These titles are known as pre-sales. They are ringers that, on account of the actors interested in participating, as well as budget projections in the face of estimated profit, feel like safe enough bets for studios to go in on the ground floor. Of the numerous titles pre-sold and officially slated for production at this year's AFM, here are five cinematic fetuses that seem especially interesting and worth following well before they surface in the festival circuit. You heard it here first folks.

Elvis and Nixon (Liza Johnson)

It had me at Michael Shannon as Elvis, but is all the more appealing knowing Shannon is paired with Kevin Spacey as Nixon. Sadly, the film is not a sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep, which saw Bruce Campbell as Elvis hanging out with a JFK of sorts, played by Ossie Davis. Nevertheless, this story of an apparent meeting of the minds that went down in 1970, concerning Elvis’ desire to become a federal agent, is sure to fascinate and entertain, if not for its plot than surely for its performances.

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