Review: HANGAR 10 Is A Found Footage Dud

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Review: HANGAR 10 Is A Found Footage Dud
I got a little excited when I heard that the producers of Creep and Severance (two good films) were involved in a new film from IFC about aliens, Hangar 10However, that's where my interest ended. Upon watching the film, I can say that it's at least 30 minutes too long, and clocking in at one hour and 27 minutes, this movie is full of unnecessary bloat. 

Hangar 10 follows three friends as they try to find old Saxon gold. Upon their expedition, they "capture incredible footage of UFOs," as the official IMDB description states. If only. This film encapsulates all of the worst found footage offenses; meandering and confusing "storyline," excessive shaky camera, bright lights, off-camera action, and a few non-sensical idiots wandering around. However, the worst thing about it is the insufferable boredom. If. Only. Something. Would. Happen. Ooh, a noise! Some lights! That means aliens, you guys!  

There really isn't much else to say, except that the last ten minutes started to finally hold my attention... and at minute 1:17, that's far, far too long to wait for anything great to happen. I could also use the cliche that I'll never get that time back from my very busy life. But film critics, at least the ones I know, are actually film champions forever searching through the din to find the diamonds. It just so happens that this time, I've come up dusty with nothing shiny on my hands.

Hangar 10

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