Disaster Strikes In Teaser For Roar Uthaug's THE WAVE

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Disaster Strikes In Teaser For Roar Uthaug's THE WAVE
If the idea of a tsunami causing destruction in a Norwegian fjord seems outlandish to you ... well, it's happened before. It was in 1934 that a massive wave spread destruction along the Tafjord after a massive landslide triggered a wave that was amplified and funneled by the fjord's narrow confines striking nearby communities with minimal warning and killing over forty people. There have been numerous other similar events throughout the years - including significant damage to the village of Nord-Statland just this past January - and it is the recurrence of such an event that drives the story of Cold Prey director Roar Uthaug's The Wave.

Fresh from the American Film Market, where the film sold strongly around the world, the first teaser for the Kristoffer Joner starring disaster film has been released on the website of producers Fante Film and you can also take a look below. Typical for both Uthaug and Fante, the production values here are absolutely top notch. The Wave is currently in post and due for release in 2015.
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