A Celebration of Kubrick: Exceptional Exhibit Hits Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox

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2001: A Space Odyssey, Paths of Glory, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange - if only for these works of cinematic genius Stanley Kubrick would be forever remembered in the history of the medium. If you add in the rest of his films, from Spartacus to Lolita to Barry Lyndon to Eyes Wide Shut, it gets a bit overwhelming and even hyperbole doesn't seem to go far enough.

The best director in the history of the medium? Sure. The most remarkable series of films ever made? Yeah, that can be argued. Yet behind these now almost mythical creations was a man from the Bronx who took photos for Look Magazine and parlayed that into an onscreen vision that spanned from noir fisticuffs to naked orgies in a countryside estate.

A noted perfectionist, few worked as hard or as diligently to make cinema into an art as anyone ever has. Behind the myth there are numerous collaborators, researchers and participants who helped bring his vision to life.

What these collections do best is humanize the almost saintly figure of Stanley Kubrick. These aren't simply icons to be simply paraded and worshiped, these are ways of seeing the process that helped bring these works to our lives, the false corridors traveled to get to where we end up. One sees the model for the 2001 set not as a cheat or a spoiled magic trick but as a testament to ingenuity, tenacity and, frankly, chutzpah.

Collected here are a few snippets from the exhibit, a smattering of elements from his extensive archives that have spent a decade or so traveling all over the world. If cinema is a religion, these are our holy texts, and any cinephile will revel in this truly extraordinary celebration of the master's work. We also have interviews with Kubrick's widow Christianne, his brother-in-law/collaborator Jan Harlan, and TIFF's Jesse Wente, who helped bring the show to the city.
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