Full PARASYTE Trailer Plays Like MEN IN BLACK With Added Decapitations

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Full PARASYTE Trailer Plays Like MEN IN BLACK With Added Decapitations
I suppose it would have been foolish for anyone familiar with Yamazaki Takashi's previous work to have hoped that the helmer of the Always series, a director who has consistently gunned for the broadest possible audience, would have taken a more hard edged approach with his live action adaptation of Iwaki Hitoshi's hugely popular scifi horror manga Parasyte. Well, then, call me a fool because I hoped. But, no ... the full trailer for the film arrived last week whilst ScreenAnarchy was in the thick of its Toronto International Film Festival coverage and it would appear that Yamazaki is buffing and polishing the source material in hopes of creating something akin to a Japanese take on the Men In Black films instead.

For those unfamiliar, the story revolves around a mass infection of earth by alien parasites who take over the minds and bodies of their victims with the exception being one teen boy who is infected in the hand instead of the mind and forges an alliance with the parasite within his own body. Want a taste of what's coming? Take a look below.
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