Trailer For Eduardo Sánchez's EXISTS Ramps Up The Sasquatch Legend

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Trailer For Eduardo Sánchez's EXISTS Ramps Up The Sasquatch Legend
Eduardo Sánchez has returned to the woods with his new film Exists and once again something is hunting a gaggle of young people in this new trailer. Thankfully they are all armed with cameras to document their impending demise for the sake of our entertainment. 

Carry on, young ones. We will sit here with our popcorn and candy and wait upon your deaths. 

All Brian and Matt want to do is have a wild party with their friends out in the woods. They figure that their uncle's secluded cabin is a prime location, as it was abandoned long ago and is unlikely to have anyone complaining about the noise. What they did not plan on is for the legendary Sasquatch, who calls the east Texas woods his home, to start stalking the party goers one by one.

Of all of the recent Bigfoot/Sasquatch films - I have seen Willow Creek and Hunting the Legend so far in the past year - Sánchez's Exists has surely turned the sub-sub-genre up to 11. Not that the recent attempts were bad in most cases. But if audiences were looking for that extra shot of adrenaline and more shots of the hairy bugger it looks like Exists will meet their needs. 
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