THE GRANDMASTER In 3D? Yes, Says Wong Kar-Wai - Coming In October

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THE GRANDMASTER In 3D? Yes, Says Wong Kar-Wai - Coming In October
Did you feel that Wong Kar-Wai's elegant, graceful, and exciting The Grandmaster was too ... oh, what's the word ... two-dimensional? 

The director has come up with a solution. He is adding a third dimension to the biographical action movie, which will be released in 3D in October, according to Variety. The 3D edition will receive a wide release in China, and everyone will be able to examine Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Zhang Ziyi in the glory of the third dimension. And don't worry: Wong himself has been working on the project and ... 

"We had originally planned to film The Grandmaster in 3D not only for the cinematic sensation, but also for the subtlety of the expression of this beautiful story," said Wong. "We now have the opportunity to show the film as it was always intended - searching for a brand new aesthetic or cinematic language in the 3D format."

And note that this version will likely be different than those presented before. Wong, as his devoted fans know, loves to tinker with his movies, and The Grandmaster is no different, having already been released in no less than three versions: the original Hong Kong release edition, the Berlin Film Festival cut, and the U.S. theatrical version. 

Right now, The Grandmaster 3D is only confirmed for theatrical release in mainland China. So book your tickets now!
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